What makes us different

The Canadian Benefite Professionals Difference

First of all we listen. We listen to your needs and create streamlined group benefit solutions. We sift through the multitude of insurance carrier offerings and provide you with a quality plan design that fits your budget. Our organization has a process whereby we continually monitor your plan to ensure that it remains cost effective. It is our responsibility to educate your employees on the merits of their benefits package and the value it brings to their overall compensation.

Questions to consider

  • Has your group renewal been negotiated to justify the premium you are paying?

  • Within the last 3 years has your group plan been shopped in the market place to compare your rates with competitors?

  • Do you receive quarterly claims experience so that you can be pro-active with current and potential claims before your renewal?

  • Has your current plan ever been reviewed to verify what is being used and if anything is being over-used or abused?

  • Have you been provided with recommendations and strategies regarding your current plan design that will result in an overall savings?

  • Is your group advisor independent? If your advisor markets themselves as a true broker, then they are able to shop the market on your behalf for the best rate possible.